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pbNachiketab SanskritNaciketa is the child protagonist in an ancient Hindu fable about the nature of the soul and Brahman The story is told in the Katha Upanishad ca 5th c CE though the name has several earlier references He was taught Selfknowledge the separation of the human soul the supreme Self from the body by the god of Death Yama Nachiketa is noted for his rejection of material desires which are ephemeral and for his singleminded pursuit of the path of realising Brahman Moksha ie emancipation of the soul from rebirthppThe name Nachiketa inAchiketasi that which is unperceived refers to the quickening Spirit that lies within all things like fire latent in wood the spirit that gives Nachiketa was a son of the sage Vjashravasa ifamed for donationsip>

Top 30 Nachiketa songs

Nachiketa songs
Nachiketa - Jakpot 8 songs
Nachiketa - Bondhu Tomar 6 songs
Nachiketa - Best Of Nachiketa Vol 2 Single Track
Nachiketa - Sedin Chaitramas 2 songs
Nachiketa - Kuasha Jakhan 2 songs
Nachiketa - Sarkari Karmachari Nachiketa Single Track
Nachiketa - Samoyer Daanaay Nachiketa Single Track
Nachiketa - Brake Fail 6 songs
Nachiketa - Suman Nachiketa In Live Concert 2 9 songs
Nachiketa - Nachiketa Ke Jai 5 songs
Nachiketa - Nachiketa Chakraborty Ki Hobe 4 songs
Nachiketa - Samoyer Daanaay Nachiketa 4 songs
Nachiketa - Palash Priya Various Artistes 20 songs
Nachiketa - Amiee Pari Nachiketa Chakraborty 2 songs
Nachiketa - We Believe In A Better Tomorrow 7 songs
Nachiketa - Sumaner Gaan Chhoto Baro Mile 8 songs
Nachiketa - Suman Nachiketa In Live Concert 1 10 songs
Nachiketa - Tribeni Suman Nachiketa And Anjan 2 songs
Nachiketa - Pran Khola Gaan 3 songs
Nachiketa - Sarkari Karmachari Nachiketa 2 songs
Nachiketa - Aajker Janye Various Artistes 2 songs
Nachiketa - Sricharanesu Netribinda 8 songs
Nachiketa - Chal Jabo Toke Niye Nachiketa 3 songs
Nachiketa - Sedin Chaitramas 8 songs
Nachiketa - Khirer Putul Drama 2 songs
Nachiketa - Khirer Putul 2 songs
Nachiketa - Bihari Babu Sanajit Mondal 11 songs
Nachiketa - Khela 18 songs
Nachiketa - Hathat Bristi 7 songs
Nachiketa - Mukhomukhi 10 songs

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